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The Last Mermaid


Bantam Books
ISBN-10: 0553584979

ISBN-13: 978-0553584974 

Three seductive love stories, three passionate couples, all linked by one of the most romantic myths of all... 


The Last Mermaid is a single volume containing three separate romances. No fretting for sequels! The three different books composing it span three different time periods, with three different couples. Myth, magic, and the descendants of a legendary couple link all three stories.

In other words, this a trilogy without the wait.

The first book is set in the Kingdom of the Isles (today part of Scotland) just after the Romans abandoned what we call Great Britain, where a fabled king owes his life to the siren who loves him. Which is better: to rule a kingdom or embrace true love? Hmmm, if only he could have both...

The second book takes place in eighteenth-century Scotland. Ronan MacMhuirich is the Earl of Kell. He's rich and powerful and knows that someone wants him dead. Too bad the hired assassin turns out to be both a gifted psychic and the most fascinating woman he's ever met. 

The third book is contemporary, taking place in both Scotland and the United States. Ruriko Kell is an American who has just inherited a far-flung Scottish island she's never seen, from a family she's never known. And just who is this gorgeous Scotsman so intent to get her there—and how does he know so much about her?

I love magic, and I love happy endings. I bet you do, too.


Nominated Best Historical Paranormal Fantasy Romance by Romantic Times 
Romantic Times BOOKclub Top Pick 
Finalist for the Aspen Gold, the Prism, the Lories, the Lauries and the More than Magic awards


The Last Mermaid is nothing short of hauntingly beautiful. Shana Abé has written three enchanting tales of love and passion, with glimmers of hope and desire. They each deal with the mystical connections of the heart, a love so powerful that it transcends all of time. It’s the kind of love we all dream about.” 

—Romance Junkies

Three provocative and seductive novellas tied together by a legend, a locket and a lasting love make one spellbinding read... You’ll be spellbound as you’re swept into a world where myth merges with reality. This anthology pushes the boundaries and places Abé in league with the finest romance writers.”

Romantic Times


“From the first sentence, you know that The Last Mermaid is going to be an amazing, mystical read. The stories are all linked by the opening prologue that sets up the curse, and then the story’s magic takes hold... There are a lot of exquisite details to take in. I think it is a perfect book for those rainy day afternoons where you want to get lost in another world.”

—Roundtable Reviews 

“Encompassing three different romances, set during three different time periods, this is a totally fascinating novel of myth and magic....This three-in-one book is one of the most unique, compelling and entertaining novels of its kind. I was totally captivated and mesmerized by each of the stories.... 

Ms. Abé is a talented author whose writing skills are showcased at their finest in this novel.” 
—The Best Reviews 

“These three interconnected stories weave a web of magic around the readers, who’ll certainly find themselves enthralled by the seductive tales of romance through the ages and love immortal. The author skillfully combines fantasy elements and paranormal material together with tender romance, scorching passion, even some suspense and action to create [three] different sagas [that are] unusual and hence captivating. Abé sets each story in vastly different time periods and brings alive the history of that time and place with palpable dexterity while maintaining a subtle thread of connection between the tales.”
—The Road to Romance

The Last Mermaid by Shana Abé is chock full of true love, fantasy, and intrigue as six individuals rewrite a doomed legend with a happily-ever-after ending. A book for the true romantic at heart!” 
—Romance Reviews Today

“All three of these stories will entrance you, from the very first page throughout the entire book. I didn’t want this one to end.”
—Paranormal Romance Reviews

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