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The Fiercest Joy


The Sweetest Dark Series, Book 3
Five Rabbits, Inc. 
ISBN-10: 0998470228 

ISBN-13: 9780998470221

Once upon a time, I had been alone. Not just alone, but abandoned. I had grown up without my name or memory in a London orphanage so decrepit it had been blown to dust near the beginning of the war.

I was ten years old, and I remembered nothing of any of the days of my life before. I didn’t know what I was, or where I had come from. I didn’t know why I heard things no one else did: tinkling songs from metals and stones, secret voices. Why I saw things, sensed things, that no one else could. And I certainly didn’t know not to speak of any of it to the adults around me. Not at first.

I learned, though, after they committed me to the insane asylum. I learned very quickly to shut up.

I wasn’t mad, but I was trapped.

Until magic intervened. Destiny, fate, whatever you wish to call it. The war let loose, and the German airships bombed us, and all the London orphans were evacuated from the city. Of our thousands, I was the only one sent to Iverson.

It was bloody miserable at first, I can tell you that. You try being a penniless nobody forced to live with the most blue-blooded daughters of the Empire.

But I realize now that magic is more powerful than the petty machinations of mortal men. It is more powerful than coolly vicious classmates, or even war. Magic is eternal, and magic always wins.

I was sent to Iverson so that my life could truly begin.


In the autumn of 1915, Eleanore Jones is on the verge of becoming who she was always meant to be: a drákon of stunning beauty and strength. She has discovered she is not the last dragon in the world, as she’d long thought: not one but two drákon brothers vie for her heart.


And just as Lora begins to embrace her destiny, yet another drákon enters her life—another female who, like her, has disguised herself as a student at the prestigious Iverson School for Girls.

It’s no coincidence.


Secrets come unraveled; time comes undone. Soon all four of the drákon caught in Iverson’s mysterious, enchanted world are going to have to confront a new enemy: an army of dragons, come to steal Lora away—and destroy anyone who attempts to stop them.

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