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Intimate Enemies
Bantam Books 
ISBN-10: 0553581996
ISBN-13: 978-0553581997 

On a remote Scottish isle two families dwell, divided by centuries of hatred.

From them a pair of lovers are about to cross swords and wits....

What if...


What if you had your own wild Scottish island, a place of such rich and rugged beauty that it was coveted by not merely one country but three? What if you and your clan were the lifeblood of this isle, had lived there for generations, the magic of the land woven as deep into your soul as your pride in your family? 

And now, what if an outside force threatened all that—not just the island itself, but the very survival of all you love? What would you do to save your home and your people? Would you bargain with the devil himself?


Lauren MacRae, fierce and desperate leader of Clan MacRae, certainly would. Brutal Northmen are invading the Isle of Shot, intent on destroying her world. To win this war, she's willing to risk everything by striking a deal with her most bitter foe: Arion du Morgan, the Earl of Morgan.


Arion rules the English family which claims the island as its own. His people have lived on the other side of Shot for as long as the MacRaes have lived on theirs; the feud between these two great houses is ancient and simmering. He and Lauren grew up as adversaries, but now Ari sees a chance for a new future for Shot—and he has more in plan for Lauren than he's willing to admit. 

Amid battles and rescues, these two enemies are about to discover that forbidden attraction can become the most dangerous foe of all...

Like all my heroines, Lauren is smart and courageous, a woman who isn't afraid to follow her heart and do what she thinks is right. And like all my heroes, Arion is honorable, strong, even a little wounded. The dark violence of his past has steeled him into a man of noble convictions. All of those convictions are about to be put to the test as he finds himself falling in love with the one woman he absolutely cannot have. 

Intimate Enemies lets their story unfold amid gorgeous vistas and deep, undeniable passion. I invite you to slip into their world and let the dream begin. 


Winner of Romantic Times’ Reviewers’ Choice Award for Best Medieval Historical Romance 
Winner of Aspen Gold for Best Historical Romance 
One of Amazon’s Top Ten “Best of 2000” Romances 
Finalist for the Orange Rose and the Golden Quill 
Romantic Times Top Pick 
A Featured Alternate with the Doubleday Book Club and the Rhapsody Book Club 



“Historical romance at its finest.” 
—bestselling author Jill Marie Landis

“Shana Abé has created an unforgettable pair of star-crossed lovers caught in an age-old feud, while beautifully evoking the misty isle and the historical backdrop. She truly makes us believe we are part of this wondrous tale.” 
Romantic Times 


“Having brought us such gems as A Kiss At Midnight and The Truelove Bride, Shana Abé is a writer you’ll be hearing a lot about. Her sweeping historicals are on par with Teresa Medeiros and Katherine Sutcliffe.” 

Rhapsody Book Club 

“Ms. Abé’s expert writing transports the reader to medieval Scotland where they become enthralled in an emotional romance complete with passion, drama, danger and adventure.” 


“With novels like A Kiss At MidnightA Rose In Winter, and The Truelove Bride, Shana Abé has earned the esteem of historical romance readers. Her latest medieval romance, Intimate Enemies, is an exhilarating tale that makes the intrigue of the twelfth century seem vividly alive. Ms. Abé has written another keeper.” 
Affaire de Coeur 

Intimate Enemies is Shana Abé at her very best!... Needless to say, I was burning the midnight oil way past the witching hour since I couldn’t possibly put the book down until the spine-tingling ending. Excellent, outstanding, and powerful! Shana Abé’s talent is likened to a starburst of blood-red rubies that heat up everything in their glowing fire to drench you in exquisite romance.” 
—Belles and Beaux of Romance


“Gold 5 stars!” 
Heartland Critiques

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