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The Dream Thief

The Drákon Series, Book 2

Bantam Books

ISBN-10: 0553588052

ISBN-13: 978-0553588057

Return to a world of smoke and mist, where clouds enshroud bejeweled dragons, and a pair of illicit lovers will risk their lives to save a people who are not people at all.


Return to the world of the drákon... 

In the hidden mines of the Carpathian mountains rests Draumr, a legendary singing diamond so powerful it has to potential to enslave the most magnificent beings on earth: the drákon, shapeshifters with the ability to Turn from human to smoke to dragon. And in rural eighteenth-century England, only one woman can hear its hypnotic call... 

Lia Langford is the daughter of the tribe's Alpha, the result of generations of potent dragon bloodlines, but by all appearances she is Giftless. Fifth of five children, quiet and shy, Lia harbors a secret, one that would tear apart her people should they discover it: She dreams the future. And in it, she is the final witness to the end of her kind. 

She realizes that the only man who can help her stop what is to come is the very mortal destined to destroy her world: Zane, a darkly clever master thief, the sole human trusted by the tribe—and, Lia knows, her future lover. 

A London urchin who was once rescued by the drákon, Zane has grown into a man of feral practicality and knife-edged control. His loyalty to the tribe is tested only by his desire for power; with Draumr in his hands and Lia at his side, Zane will truly become a force beyond reckoning. 

Lia is determined to reach the diamond first and change her fate. But love is not so readily swayed, and destiny is not so easily denied...


Named by Amazon the #1 Romance in the Best Books of the Year 
A Main Selection in the Rhapsody Book Club, and a Featured Alternate in the Doubleday Book Club and the Science Fiction Book Club
Romantic Times Top Pick 
Nominated for the prestigious RITA award by Romance Writers of America
Named Best Fantasy Book of the Year by Romance Reviews Today
Winner of the CRW Award of Excellence 
Winner of the Best Cover for Alternate Reality by Cover Café

A USA Today bestseller

A New York Times bestseller


The Dream Thief reads like an evocative fairytale, filled with the sights, scents and tastes of life and love in the wonderful fashion and mores of the late [18th] century. Amelia and Zane's courtship is perilous. She is a virgin who knows too much about physical love; Zane is the jaded thief who knows nothing of love. The prose flows like a lyrical dream and the story will steal your heart, earning The Dream Thief a Perfect 10.” 
—Romance Reviews Today 

“Shana Abé has followed up her hardcover debut, The Smoke Thief, with another stunning example of a unique and absorbing paranormal historical romance. The plot moves along at a brisk pace and the characters are life-like and captivating. This engrossing story kept me glued to the pages. An excellent read!” 
—Fresh Fiction 

“In the masterful realm is the exquisite The Dream Thief by Shana Abé, the second in a series of paranormal romance novels about the drákon, or dragon-people, who inhabit a secluded shire in 18th-century England. Lady Amalia Langford, daughter of the clan's Alpha, is blessed—or cursed—to see the future, and her visions show her own path is fraught with passion, adventure and a terrible choice she will have to make between her beloved and her family. Attempting to thwart fate, she gallops directly toward it, and into the arms of the man who might very well destroy her. Abé is a multiple RITA finalist, and the reasons are clear—The Dream Thief is a heady, fast-paced, heartbreakingly romantic story rendered in hypnotically beautiful language.” 
—Barbara Samuel, BookPage

“Although brief references are made to the characters and actions within the first book of a trilogy-to-be, The Smoke Thief, this book easily stands on its own. Having been wholly entertained by this book, this reviewer will certainly find and read the prior tale, and believes everyone who enjoys well-written fantasy romance will enjoy reading both books.” 
—Carolyn Frank, SFRevue 

“Four and a half stars!” 
Romantic Times BOOKclub

The Dream Thief is like an elaborate fairy tale. The fantasy is unsurpassed as the legend of the diamond unfolds through the story. Amalia's gifts are the perfect counterpoint to Zane's ruthless practicality. The visual imagery is stunning and the entire experience takes on a dream-like quality for the reader. The intertwining of the dream sequences, the fable, and the plot create an intriguing atmosphere that enchants. I can hardly wait to see what Ms. Abé's fertile mind creates next.” 
—A Romance Review 

“FOUR STARS out of Four Stars!” 
Detroit Free Press; Kansas City Star; Miami Herald

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